Super Green Coffee Bean Extract™

On October 22, 2012, in Uncategorized, by admin

Super Green Coffee is not the same as a cup of coffee, nor does it have the same properties as roasted coffee. Green coffee extract helps you lose weight almost without effort. It’s all natural, doesn’t contain any fillers or hidden ingredients, so you can easily lose all the weight you want.

Although there are some that will tell you coffee is not good for you, it has been used for many, many years as a weight loss or rather a controller of weight. That means, back in the olden days they used it to suppress the appetite. That was for roasted coffee.

Recent studies show using green coffee beans, that’s before they are roasted, are better for weight loss. The studies showed an average of 17 pounds was lost in a 12 week period. That’s over 10% weight loss from the entire body. It also showed there were no side effects and fat content went down 16% in each per person. That was an unexpected result from using Super Green Coffee.

Since weight control is getting out of hand in most countries, it’s good there is something that can help people control their eating. It’s a fight to control obesity and it’s fast getting out of control. It will help control your weight, but more importantly, it will help control type 2 diabetes. You develop type 2 diabetes when you’re more the 20 pounds overweight. It can have a damaging effect on your body including suffering from kidney problems, high blood pressure, and heart and lung ailments.

Super Green Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which releases glucose in the body while it helps burn the fat that would normally be stored in the fat cells. The way the body works is it first uses the nutrients from the food you eat as energy and stores the extra in fat cells to use later. Using Super Green Coffee burns the fat before it’s stored in the fat cells.

If there is already fat stored in cells, the chlorogenic acid forces the cells to release it, so it can use it for energy. It burns the fat right off your body. It also boosts your metabolism rate, so it can burn the fat at an even faster rate.

One last benefit chlorogenic acid does is stop the fat from being absorbed into the body. That means you won’t gain weight, because your body will burn the fat before it gets stored in the fat cells. Pretty cool the way the body works with a little extra help, huh?

Taking two capsules of Super Green Coffee a day will kick start your weight loss program and get it off to a great start. You’ll be able to lose all the weight you want and get the body you want, just with two little pills a day.